The Aspen
640 sq ft
The Weekender
960 sq ft
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1122 sq ft
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1346 sq ft
The Homesteader
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The Deluxe Vonda s Chalet
1534 sq ft
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1633 sq ft
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1732 sq ft
The Spruce
1740 sq ft
The Greer
1745 sq ft
The Elk
1820 sq ft
The Pinecrest
2016 sq ft
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The Basics: Shell Home with Foundation - Construction Specifications

All homes by Aschauer construction meet or exceed code, with solid construction and material.  Construction and guarantee details on the foundation, siding, heavy snow load roof system, insulation, decks and porches are noted below. In addition to the basics, we offer a list of numerous options and upgrades. shell home with foundation - permiter foundation, concrete, rebar, sidewall construction, moisture, draft, heavy snow load roof system, insulation, decks and porches
Foundation and Floor System
We build a full perimeter type foundation. The concrete is poured in a footing trench that has steel rebar installed in it. Then the foundation wall is built of 8' x 8" x 16" block that is reinforced with vertical steel at each corner and 4' O.C. around the perimeter of the foundation wall, then the reinforced cells with rebar are solid grouted with concrete. Around the top course of block we pour solid concrete with rebar to create a Bond Beam.

Bolts are then put in place to hold the home's sill plate securely. This home includes a sturdy floor system consisting of TJI joists and 3/4" T & G OSB that is glued and nailed to the joist.
Moisture and Draft Free Sidewall Construction
The sidewall construction is 2" x 6" studs set 16" O.C. with a 3/8" OSB Shear. Masonite siding is applied over the Shear and vapor barrier, which protects the home from moisture and makes our homes draft free.
Heavy Snow Load Roof System
The roof system is on a 5/12 pitch on most models and has heavy snow load rating. The shingles have a 25 year guarantee from the manufacturer. Our licensed sub-contractors use Elk® and Camco® shingles among others.
We also install dual glaze windows with bronzed aluminum frames. We then install insulated exterior doors and the trim. At this point, the exterior is complete not including the painting. The interior framing is complete ready for you to install the electrical and plumbing.
Decks and Porches
All decks and porches have redwood walking surfaces, handrails and pickets.  Our newest products include the revolutionary composite decking made from recycled materials including manufacturers such as EverGrain® and Trex®.  Composite decking is made with unsurpassed stain, scratch and mold resistance and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.