The Aspen
640 sq ft
The Weekender
960 sq ft
The Moonlighter
1122 sq ft
The Deluxe Foresthaven
1152 sq ft
The Timberlake
1248 sq ft
The Vonda s Chalet
1346 sq ft
The Homesteader
1474 sq ft
The Deluxe Vonda s Chalet
1534 sq ft
The Mountain Pine
1633 sq ft
The Mountain Lodge
1732 sq ft
The Spruce
1740 sq ft
The Greer
1745 sq ft
The Elk
1820 sq ft
The Pinecrest
2016 sq ft
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Permits and Code Compliance, Financing,
Custom Interiors and Other Services
Designed to Assist You

You can choose from a variety of models that we offer, depending on the square footage and other features that you desire. All of these plans can be modified to suit your needs. Also, feel free to bring us your ideas! We can turn them into building blueprints. Working together, your dream home can be custom designed to be distinctive and reflective of your personal style.
Home Interior on the Permitting, Financing and Other Services Page - electrical, plumbing, alternative energy, code compliance, construction time, custom interiors, solar energy, permits
Aschauer Construction Co., Inc. is licensed, bonded and insured. All of our subcontractors are licensed, bonded and insured.

Although we do not sell real estate or home/lot packages, we can help you with just about every other aspect in building your dream home, whether it is a shell or turnkey building (see the links below for details).

  • Financing.  Economical bank financing may be arranged directly from our offices.  Expect timely credit approvals with as little as 10% down payment.
  • Permitting.  We obtain all requisite permits, from start to finish.
  • Custom Interiors.  Your dream home's interior can feature open beams, knotty pine ceilings, rustic steps or finished carpet steps and much more. You can specify whether you want a fireplace, pellet stove, electrical heating, air conditioning, etc.
  • Electrical; Plumbing.  All electrical and plumbing work is completed in the turnkey home.  Energy saving insulation packages are included.  We can even assist you in contracting with well drillers and septic contractors.
  • Alternative Energy.  We will work with you in contracting with qualified solar vendors and in customizing your home for solar energy.
  • Code Compliance.  all of our construction projects are inspected for code compliance and in most cases, we exceed code standards.
  • Year Round Construction.  Although winter in the White Mountains brings snow, we construct year round.  By the way, our roofs are constructed for a heavy snow load rating.
  • Much, much more!  We provide many more features and services.  Please browse the site or use our search engine to find the specific assistance you require.  Our goal is to provide you with quality, professional and economical service.
Appliances, Roofing, Insulation and Other Features

  • Basic Construction Features - Shell Home with Foundation
    Construction details for the shell home with foundation demonstrate quality. Specs for the foundation, sidings, roof system, decks and porches apply to our shell homes and turnkey models.

  • The Turnkey Home - Plumbing and Other Specs
    The Turnkey Home is a complete home. Electrical and plumbing are installed, as well as cabinets and other customized features such as carpeting or hardwood floors.

  • Sloped Lots, Landscaping, Garages, Carports and Other Details
    Sloped lots may require additional block. Landscaping is not included in our pricing, but we provide all job cleanup and trash hauling. Garages include 4-inch concrete slab floors.

  • A Note About Construction Materials
    Please read this note about construction materials and pricing of your custom home or vacation home. Feel free to contact us with questions.