The Aspen
640 sq ft
The Weekender
960 sq ft
The Moonlighter
1122 sq ft
The Deluxe Foresthaven
1152 sq ft
The Timberlake
1248 sq ft
The Vonda s Chalet
1346 sq ft
The Homesteader
1474 sq ft
The Deluxe Vonda s Chalet
1534 sq ft
The Mountain Pine
1633 sq ft
The Mountain Lodge
1732 sq ft
The Spruce
1740 sq ft
The Greer
1745 sq ft
The Elk
1820 sq ft
The Pinecrest
2016 sq ft
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Landscaping, Garages, Carports
and Other Details

The exterior of your home can also be customized to your lot.
Sloped Lots and Landscaping
Sloped Lots and Landscaping
Our foundation calculations are based on your flat lot, and the elevations shown on the sketches throughout this website are not exactly as shown.  In the event your lot is sloped, you may need to purchase additional block.
Our prices do not include any blasting or hammer type backhoe work that may be required.  There is no landscaping included in our pricing. However, Aschauer Construction provides all job cleanup and trash hauling after your project is completed.
Garages and Carports
Garages include a 4-inch concrete slab floor. Carports do not.